Several good people of the Hai were featured in the second “Best of /mu/” compilation, as inb4track’s Carpeaux reviewed the release track by track. His thoughts on our members’ contributions to the album are as follows:

Rekapper – Tripcrop

It’s a trip alright, not only the track but listening to Rekapper’s stuff in general. He is capable of anything in electronic music, and everything he does is absurdly well made and polished

A Problem Like Maria – Eviction Notice

The world-famous A Problem Like Maria, rapping. Yes. It’s a very un-street cred sort of rap though, it’s “cute rap” with ambitious lyrics. The beats are very simple, but effective and fitting with the voice.

Flying Batteries – Tonight

“Tonight” is a charming track, as usual playful with the whole 8-bit synth style. It’s catchy in it’s own way and just cool in general.

Snailhead – The Photographs

This is an awesome rock track in every aspect I can think of, the guitar work is good, the vocals are distinctive and cool sounding, the lyrics are interesting and enigmatic.

New Motive Power – Breathe

New Motive Power is another guy (sic)* who has been making interesting music for quite a few time now.  All his (sic) albums are cool and worthwhile a listen.

Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack – Out from Underground Alive

It almost makes you forget the careful and tastefully done work with the electronic music on the background. It’s all pretty much perfect as far as I can tell.

Somnitone – Juvenilia

I love his singing style, his voice inflection, the sudden change midway through, the casual contemporary lyrics. It’s a great track.

mattir – You Trusted Me

Another beautiful track, very gentle and delicate interpolation of melodies and synths. It’s a pretty little track, very relaxing but with pleanty of subtle changes and synths coming in and out all the time.

*Dear Carpeaux, New Motive Power is a BAND! They are made up of Felipe and Samuel, and not just one guy. :)

Read the entire review here.