Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack – I Don’t Know What You’re Worried About

Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack has released his latest album titled: ‘I Don’t Know What You’re Worried About.’

 An electronic rock album featuring driving synths, drumming and rhythmic variations that Venetian Snare or Squarepusher could only dream about and country twangy guitar only a true Texan could pull off.  Check out his album on his bandcamp: http://watergunsky.bandcamp.com

Also more can be found on The Hai’s Youtube channel

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Rikki of ‘Flying Batteries’ Releases a New Self-Titled Album Called: “The Mystic Caves”

Flying Batteries vocalist, guitarist, keys and bass player, and programmer Rikki, has released a new album, called The Mystic Caves, full of Funky FM/Chiptune tracks that only bring out your inner sonic and mega drive with rocking driving tracks of Flying Batteries style.  Download and Listen to it at:  http://themysticcaves.bandcamp.com/

Released 08 November 2013
Rikki Mackenzie – Composition, voicing, production
Parker Vogt (Rekapper.com) – Mastering

With the good people of the Hai (www.thehai.org)