Flying Batteries – Wear Headphones

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took a group of Scotsmen and had them play some quality driven rock with parts of shoegaze and synth pop?  Well the Flying Batteries; consisting of Rikki Mackenzie on the vocals, guitar, keys, bass, programming; Craig Christison on the vocals, keys, piano; Jack Nicolson on vocals, drums, percussion; and Daniel Boles on the vocals, guitar, bass, fx; have a treat for you consisting of their latest album titled: “Wear Headphones”.  Be sure to download their latest release on their bandcamp and even buy their CD:


Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack – I Don’t Know What You’re Worried About

Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack has released his latest album titled: ‘I Don’t Know What You’re Worried About.’

 An electronic rock album featuring driving synths, drumming and rhythmic variations that Venetian Snare or Squarepusher could only dream about and country twangy guitar only a true Texan could pull off.  Check out his album on his bandcamp:

Also more can be found on The Hai’s Youtube channel

New Motive Power - Here We Go Again